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Re: #4 - just like the military, the feds and the cleanup community were totally prepared to fight the last major oil spill (Valdez) - unfortunately, Macando differed in about every significant parameter, including the composition of the oil - so EPA wound up using the world's total supply of COREXIT dispersant to "make it go away". Dispersion is the petroleum spill mitigation practice that will get you or me hard time and major fines when used in a 5 gallon spill.

Re: #5 - given the right bugs and enough time, biorem will "digest" the hydrocarbon. The problem is time - most observers give up after a few months or maybe years - the remediation has not run to completion. Incomplete remediation leaves "sludge". In a lot of cases, the petroleum mass reduction is measured in low single digit percentages per year.
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