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Originally Posted by Gbonas View Post
We are from scal and have our boat in pnw. This last summer we were up in the Desolation Sound area for three weeks. We ran into a couple from San Diego who trucked their 30' Bayliner and went to Ketchikan AK and will be on their boat for 4 months. It's a great idea to get a trailer able boat for many options. Something to think about
Thanks for the advice. We've considered the trailer idea, even looked at a Nordic 32 that was totally trailerable. The problem is us, in that we are upgrading (sideways-grading?) from a 40 foot sailboat and we just aren't willing to take the size hit.

I'm not sure why I thought it would be any different, but having looked at a ton of power boats, I'm back to the purchase paradigm we've used with sailboats.

Make a list of must haves, want to haves, would like to haves, don't likes, and dealbreakers. Try and find the boat in the best shape that satisfies the musts, avoids the breakers, and ticks as many of the other wants and likes as possible.

Our must haves are two cabins, and a master bed that both people can get in and out of without crawling over the other. Minimum cruise 8 knots. Enough engine access space that I can change filters/impellers/belts/etc without burning myself (learned this one the hard way) if the engine is hot.

Our want to haves are a maximization of living and playing space over sleeping space. A galley with enough counterspace for me to prep and cook. A flybridge is a want. Something that is or can be modified to fit in a 43' LOA slip (what I have now, and this is the most flexible want.)

Like to have is easy access for my parents and in-laws (ok, maybe not them) and the dogs, basically bulwark doors. A platform I can freedive / SCUBA / swim from. The ability to carry a transportation dinghy, my kid's Opti, and a Laser for me, and that I can launch and retrieve without herniating a disk.

We're pretty flexible. In our price range we're looking at older used, and it's looking more like I need to find the boat in the best shape, not the one that fits the best. As such, we've been leaning either towards a sport fisher or a Europa style.

We made an offer on a nice sportfish/cruiser, but someone beat us to it by a day. Like Garth says though, thank God for unanswered prayers, because the engines ate themselves on the guy's sea trial. Dodged a bullet there.
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