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Typically if shooting with an iPhone for a horizontal shot the phone should be held with the main control button to the right. For a vertical shot the control button should be at the bottom.

There are a number of apps one can use to correct the rotation of a photo. A fairly simple one I use is called Photo Manager Pro. You can orient a photo however you want in 90 degree increments as shown below.

For anyone interested, the photo below is of a 777 (or a 767 as the gear looks more like that plane) and it illustrates what creates lift. Lift is the product of Newton's 3rd (?) law which says for every action there is a reaction. A plane flies because its wing moves air down with a force equal to the weight of the plane which is why the plane stays up. Bernoulli has nothing to do with it although Bernoulli's theorem can be used to help the wing move air down more efficiently. But you don't need it to generate lift.

The swirls are the wingtip vortices created by the air moving spanwise along the wing to the end and spilling off the tip. These vortices create drag which is why winglets work--- they reduce the strength of the vortices and thus reduce the drag, something soaring birds learned a bazillion years ago. The birds are better at it than we are because they can almost infinitely adjust their winglets (primary flight feathers) to suit the immediate conditions.

We have film in our library of a 757 doing the same thing, only on the film you can see how violently the air being moved down by the wing deflects the cloud cover just under the plane.

Click image for larger version

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