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Here's what I have found so far with my Krogen 54.

There's good news and bad news. And they're the same thing. At this size and weight (85000lb loaded) no one is going to manhandle the boat. As the skipper you have to put her where she needs to be for a safe docking. At that point you could just as easily step off and tie her down as could a deck hand (this assumes you have pilot house doors or equivalent that provide easy access.) Even though I had crew on my trip from Ketchikan to San Francisco, there wasn't a single docking where I couldn't have handle the lines by myself. That doesn't mean there never will be, but I'll deal with that somehow when the day comes!

I have a passageway on the starboard side and not on port side. I typically only dock on the starboard side. Though I have found that the only line I need to make secure is the midship line, which I can do on either side. After that I can take my time with bow, stern, spring lines etc.

All that having been said, I would rather anchor most of the time. For me that is a big part boating. I recognize that my boat isn't really one for going marina hopping. My usage includes multi day trips and Pacific coastal waters as well as bays and rivers.

As for why to get a larger boat? For me it was because I wanted to live aboard and have as much space as I could reasonably manage. So far I have been very happy with my choice.

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