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Originally Posted by gaston View Post
In my current search for a larger boat I'm now asking myself at what size dose a boat become too big to be handled on my own ? At present the Cunard is very manageable to take out on my own where as other boats on the marina are never taken out because the owners need a crew. I have been aboard some of these 40 foot + boats and don't know why a crew is need is it just the owners don't have confidence in themselves or am I just to overly confident and not yet found myself in a position where I need help .

Who here go out on there own ?? and what are the must have for single cruising my No1 so far is walk around deck
I think the most important thing is to identify what you want to use your boat for. You say you want a bigger boat, but why? What specifically do you want/need that requires a larger boat?

I think I would start there, because what most of us are looking for are features and performance, not length (at least that is what my wife has been telling me for years).

Once you know what you are looking for, then you can see what size boats offer you want you want. Then you look at those boats and see if you feel they can be single-handed by you.

I single-hand my 40 foot sailboat. It frankly can be a challenge under certain docking conditions with just a single engine and no thruster.


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