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Originally Posted by stornoway7 View Post
I can handle my boat quite easily by myself,it's 66' and approx 58 tons loaded ,big heavy boats don't get blown about as quickly as lighter boats with similar windage.Gives you more time to run about.
You have to handle the boat using engines and springs if required,forget manpower.A helper on the dock is nice,but usually I prefer to sort it out myself,overzealous dock hands can make things get worse very quickly.
We don't have thrusters at either end.A bit old fashioned these days I guess,so a boat with thrusters would make life easier,just don't get into situations where you have to trust them not to cut out,demonic little buggers,they have a weird sense of humour.
Our boat PO was 94 when he sold the boat to us and still doing most of the driving and docking himself,owned the boat for 30 years so knew how to drive it pretty well.
I agree 100%. I have owned 27,34,36 and now 48 and in many ways 48 is the easiest. Things happen slowly and are controllable dockside because of her mass.
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