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Originally Posted by gaston View Post
In my current search for a larger boat I'm now asking myself at what size dose a boat become too big to be handled on my own ? At present the Cunard is very manageable to take out on my own where as other boats on the marina are never taken out because the owners need a crew. I have been aboard some of these 40 foot + boats and don't know why a crew is need is it just the owners don't have confidence in themselves or am I just to overly confident and not yet found myself in a position where I need help .

Who here go out on there own ?? and what are the must have for single cruising my No1 so far is walk around deck
If a big boat thst youre interested in has got a bow thruster, why not fit a stern thruster onto the transom as well?

Electric models seem to overheat after a very short time, but you can buy hydraulic ones that bolt onto the transom which you can leave on for as long as you require...

This is how the big commercial boats operate; once you're up against the jetty with the thrusters on, you could go and have a cup of tea before you need to jump off to tie up!
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