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RE: West Marine won't price match Boater's World?

Forkliftt wrote:

Interesting enough, I also checked Fisheries Supply and they were higher than WM!
The advantage of Fisheries Supply is that they cater to the "professional" power and sail boater and have the sorts of things in stock that DIY boaters tend to need.* As opposed to West Marine which tends to cater to the "weekend" boater.* So Fisheries has all sorts of stuff, from Dolfinite in both colors to stainless steel window track to a huge selection of wood plugs in several kinds of wood, not just teak.* BUT... Fisheries is expensive.* Even their "account" and wholesale prices are generally higher than places like Defender.

Fisheries is a terrific resource if you need something right now and can go to their store in Freemont to get it, as I can on my lunch hour.* But unless they are the only place you can find something--- which is often the case--- you can get better prices at Defender and oher similar suppliers if you have the time to wait for it to be delivered standard shipping.

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