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Paravane install

Originally Posted by Larry M View Post
You're on the right track. Starting with a NA is your best and safest first step. As Murray mentioned the forces/loading are huge. The NA will determine the placement of the mast, hull reinforcements and rigging requirements. Maybe contact Tad Roberts? He has designed paravanes systems I believe? Distance may be an issue (he's in BC) but if for nothing else he can help with the practicality of the project.

I have reached out to Tad and we have discussed some things, but he doesn't have access to a boat like mine so we haven't gotten very far.

I've also reached out to the guy who designed the rig on Dauntless for Richard. Kind of a minimalist rig but it seems to be working. He is in the Miami area and is trying to get access to an SP or PY cruiser to take a look at things

My biggest problem so far has been where to mount the mast. My PH roof is not strong enough and a compression post wouldn't work there due to interior restrictions. One idea (mine not Tad's) was to mount the mast in front of the PH windows but split the mount into two and make the mast a triangle. There are a couple of flat spots at the edge of the PH windows that would make a good mount (and good access inside) but I don't know that area is strong enough to take the compression without a compression post underneath. They are in a corner so that helps I guess. I assume the triangle would need to be stayed at various places.

Very rough idea:

Click image for larger version

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