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Originally Posted by Marin View Post
They are fiberglass. I don't know the exact year but the first new one appeared in our harbor for commissioning sometime during the 2000s. Mid-2000s as I recall. Our shipwright friend who was doing the commissioning work said that simply walking from one side of the flying bridge to the other set the boat to rolling rather alarmingly at the dock. He said the boat was originally intended to have an open flying bridge but the buyer insisted on a fully enclosed one.

The boat is in essence a lengthened GB52. In my opinion the GB design does not hold up aesthetically past 46 feet or so. Seen in person the GB66 is pretty ugly and awkward in my and most of the other people who were around at the time the boats were here's opinions. Most people felt the boat was a case of "mine's bigger than yours."

Having viewed (but not been aboard) many fairly large boats set up in similar "top-heavy" fashion it seems to me they were relatively stable regarding roll; while at dock, at anchor, or on the go. From that observation it makes me wonder if GB simply added the length while keeping same beam (producing a rather skinny round bottom boat) and in so doing created an even more round bottom added-area that would be conducive to increased ease of rolling. If that is so... a design mistake to be sure!

Our Tolly is pretty heavy up-top compared to some other boats. And, I/we (sometimes more than four persons) spend nearly all time on the bridge while cruising; as well as, spending much time while anchored on sundeck and bridge. Our boat is very stable under most (even in nearly all conditions, if I may say). This brings up another question about the GB66: Was its (like ours is) heavy equipment (engines, gen set, fuel/water/holding-tanks) set low in CofG in bilge? One other advantage our Tolly does have that helps eliminate roll is hard chines on wide beam with considerably flat area-bottom aft of amidships... 11 degree dead rise.

I'd like to see photos of CG66 bottom while on the hard; marine engineered drawings would be good too.

I tried to locate the GB66 picts of bottom but was unable. Have you a link or photo of this?
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