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Originally Posted by ksanders View Post
I look around my harbor in Seward Alaska... Which requires the longest open ocean crossing in the entire North American continent to get to and what do I see.

Not counting sail boats, or commercial boats...

We have a Nordhavn. Yes, one.

No other displacement only boats. None. The harbor is filled with SD boats.

I find that amazing. Did these boats just magically appear? Were they trucked up? Perhaps they came up on a barge?

Nope, nope, nope.

They came here because their owners drove them here.

Hundreds of boats!

and this is again the farthest open ocean crossing necessary on the entire North American continent

Amazing isint it??? Just think if those owners had read TF first, and gotten the skinny on what is necessary first. How would the harbor look then?
And you are generalizing your Seward-based "cruising" to everywhere, and I think that's a mistake. You take calculated dashes between a small number of protected places, but you've also said your primary use of your boat is for fishing - another activity that places a premium on getting to and from the fishing location quickly. You don't have "trawler" types up there because - given a choice - they would all rather be elsewhere. As you yourself are contemplating.

Yes, you can take a SD motoryacht style vessel a surprising number of places if you plan ahead and make allowances. But you can also take a FD vessel the same number - and more - places and do it with greater safety margins. And trawler vessels can have very comfortable accommodations - they just tend to have fewer staterooms, heads, AV systems, and extra ice makers. The elimination of which would seem to align well with a single-hander.
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