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Instead, let me tell you what I did before purchase of Seaweed. And I've done similar in eyeballing boats for others.

Side Note: I paid $75 in 2008 for a surveyor to walk the boat. NOT for a survey. Instead, I asked that he take a gander, tell me if there was anything apparent that would make her a no-go, confirm that the photos posted were current and give me an opinion if I should pursue the boat.

Things to look for include:

#1) wiping the bottom of the fuel tank with a damp white rag (is there fuel down there?)

#2) check for house wire (versus marine)
#3) water stains under windows and portlights
#4) fresh paint (covering said stains?)
#5) spongy decks (or teak -- knowing I'm prejudiced against leaky teak decks, and in the south? Well, let's just say I would not opt for teak. Ever.)

I'd look too at storage. Is there adequate for life as you imagine it?
Is there access to the impeller, oil filters and more? If access is horrible, routine maintenance will not have been done. And no, you won't do it either. That equals Expensive repairs and/or replacement.

Count on all electronics being out of date, obsolete, and broken.
Open and close all thru-hulls. If they won't move, that's a bad sign.

If the hoses are weeping, if everything is covered in rust, you're going to find stuff under that crud. All of it will be expensive to fix.

In my opinion of course.
Janice aboard Seaweed, living the good life afloat...
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