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Just comparing stabilizing effects on my own boat while underway in a beam sea, my bilge keels reduce the rolling by an estimated 10%. Raising my sails reduces the rolling by a further 70-80%. The only time they aren't extremely effective is when there is no wind.

The time and effort needed to raise a small set of sails is minimal. It takes me less than 5 minutes, singlehanded, in most conditions. With a self tacking jib, they are almost "set & forget" unless I want to wring the last 0.1 knot out of them.

A limiting factor may be than many trawlers (but not all) do not have a keel designed for sails. Without ballast down low, sail area may have to be limited to the point where the effect is negligible. At least 30 square feet per ton of displacement is needed to be effective. Some of the Taiwanese trawlers have about half this, and this may have added to the myth that steadying sails don't help much.
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