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Originally Posted by Codger2 View Post
Here's another candidate that will meet your criteria. (It comes with a little bias, however.)

2005 Ocean Alexander Sport Sedan Power Boat For Sale -

Thanks, that's a nice boat. I probably should mention that in order to keep my sailboat for a while I have to radically lower my budget. I've got to keep it below $75k, and $60k or less would be better. As we say at work, "I'm unicorn hunting..."

The idea above about chartering in the PNW is a good one, and we're planning on doing so a few times in the next few years. If I sail up there we will have a base of operations, and can charter something more guest friendly when family comes to visit (and when the wife needs a break from the man cave.) I estimate I can charter a 36 footer for 12-14 days for what it would cost to truck a boat up. Sailing up will probably cost a few hundred in fuel, a grand or so in breakage (hopefully less) and three weeks or so on the clipper route. The added bonus that we could spread out the charters over a summer, and try several different boats.
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