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Originally Posted by manyboats View Post
Looks really good Matt.

I especially like the transom lines as seen from the side. The upper cabin lines work very well and the termination of the cabin top ending ahead (a bit) of the top of the transon. Would go well w a metal post slanted the same amount. The only improvement could be possibly to have the sheer break mimick the nice curves of the aft end of the top of the window .. and cabin. Still really like the wheelhouse windows and the sheer break being in that position is good too.

Overall a very nice looking boat.

G'day mate.
Thanks for the feedback, however I'm not conversant with boat builder talk so have no idea what a sheer break is etc.

Is that the straight angled bit at the back that is the same angle as the transom fins?

Where would you put the post mate? I'm still tossing up whether or not I should put some in or not.

Appreciate your help and advice mate.

Thanks again..!!

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