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We've been doing a little looking and a lot of discussing. If nothing else, this has been the communication exercise of all time...

We've had a lot of fun big plans, but what we mostly do together is trips out to the Channel Islands. It's very important to my wife to make a weekend trip a practicality. That really limits us to things that can do 15kn or more. It's really what we'd do 99% of the time. So we've decided to go looking for the boat that we will use the most, not the one for some future plan. If it works out to be doable for both, that's great.

As an added bonus, I've redone the math and if I drop my budget a bit, I can keep my sailboat for up to two years while we decide if this power boating thing is really for us. I've got so much time invested in it that it's kind of like "pot odds" in poker. You've got to call with a lesser hand because you're already in for a bunch. Either way, I don't need to worry about finding a blue water capable power boat, because we won't use it for that (and to be brutually honest, no powerboat can match what I already have at less than five times my budget.)

So we're looking at sport fishers of all things. I won't be half surprised if that revelation gets me tossed from here, but it is what it is. The wife asked how hard it was going to be for me to adjust to a go fast boat. I told her, "the hardest part is going to be putting up with the looks from sail boaters that I used to give to the go fasters when they pulled in."
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