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I have a 38 year old boat s maybe I can address some issues with buying an old boat.

I have average mechanical ability with basic tools and above-average systems knowledge. I have learned how to maintain the boat with confidence. Some projects are tougher than others, but I receive great advice and encouragement here at TF. If you are mechanically inclined and willing and able to do the work yourself, it can keep the cost of ownership down.

When I bought my 1977 boat, it was 30 years old. The interior had just been replaced along with the fuel tanks and new dripless shaft logs. All the brightwork was in great shape. All engine mechanicals were in good shape but I knew I needed to replace the exhaust mixing elbows when I bought the boat. So I just had to maintain the boat in its present condition while upgrading components and sub-systems to my liking.

I found that in upgrading the electrical, windlass and plumbing (primarily head and water heater) systems, I found other items needing attention and learned LOTS about my new-to-me vessel. By tackling it one system at a time, I was able to bring the boat up to my standards and better fit my needs on my time schedule and within my budget.

If you're buying a boat that requires significant interior updating or in-depth structural, systems or powerplant work, the workload and expense could easily become overwhelming. The cost of ownership and pitfalls related to buying an old vessel are all tied to the boat's condition and your abilities to do the work yourself or pay someone to do it for you.

The real cost details can be revealed in a thorough survey and a realistic view of what you can and cannot accomplish on your own.
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