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Hendo's Randall 35 Cray Boat complete rebuild, Perth, Western Australia

Originally Posted by Twlight time View Post
Havent seen any action on this thread. Hope all is well downunder,and still making progress. Look forward to your up dates

Originally Posted by bfloyd4445 View Post
we're all waiting for the chrisening voyage mate

G'day boys.
Sorry been crook all last week. Wisdom teeth extraction turned feral and kept me in bed all week. Dentist said something about dry sockets.

Either way wasn't up to getting to the boat. I only returned to work yesterday (Monday)

Today however; saw me collect the 450 gsm glass tape I ran out of, plus some more epoxy and I finally bit the bullet and bought some mobile scaffold. It's 4mtrs high and about 1800 long. Much safer than working off a ladder and ensures a better job as I'm not rushing and worrying about getting down instead of taking my time and doing it right.

Right tools for the job..!!

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Will get back into the build in the coming days so will post updates shortly.

Thanks for keeping me true.

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