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I appreciate the many thoughtful comments.

Some responses:

I am thinking about a power catamaran. The most I'll need is perhaps 125 hp per hull.

I started out looking at pods, but can't find any that small. I don't want a science project trying to cobble together something.

Steering will not involve shifting; just small amounts of differential will accomplish most turns. I don't really turn very much until I get where I'm going. Go straight for a while, maybe make a little correction, then straight again.

The AP will have nothing to do but adjust throttle; nowadays this is an electronic function. I appreciate that programming here might be a science project. Maybe no AP is needed.

I think getting rid of all the disadvantages adds up pretty big. There are lots of threads about steering issues and the occasional thread about rudder disasters. I can say that I am frequently being told, "That's where the rudder post has to go, that's where the AP mounts, that's the space for the cross bar, " etc.

And this way, I never have to sort out the spade rudder debate.
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