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Originally Posted by roguewave View Post
Art, wish I could give you real world numbers but I have no way of knowing as I don't have a battery monitoring system, yet.

From the web site,
"The all-new 50 qt model is able to maintain sub-freezing temperatures in 90 f heat, while only drawing an intermittent 1.35 amps per hour from a 12 volt power source. That's less than a single headlamp draws!"
Rogue - TY VM for quick response. I take it that the word "headlamp" refers to a single head light for a road vehicle. Once you cool the unit and it's contents down... I imagine it also has good capability to stay cool for some time (operating basically as a stand alone cooler) before need to reactivate into its cooling mode. Therefore it seems being plugged in would not be needed over night after a full day of cooling. I'm getting more and more interested.
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