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Originally Posted by roguewave View Post
No more ice chests for me, no more looking for $ ice, no more soggy sandwiches, no more nasty water sitting in the bottom...ARB 50 qt fridge freezer was our solution. After I got it I was playing around with temp settings and forgot I had left it on 22 degrees. Looked inside the next morning and all sodas and beer had frozen.
$850 bucks but well worth it in my opinion, been running it on 12 volts for a week now and it works flawlessly. 110 volts works as it should also. Also it has a militude of uses outside of boating.
Just my 2cents is all...
Rogue - Set at approx 35 degrees... how much of a draw down on house-bank batts do you generally experience during a hot day with ARB 50 qt inside your boat? Does it make it necessary to run gen set for unusually extended periods to keep batts up?
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