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Originally Posted by caltexflanc View Post
...My Timex Expeditions keep just as good or better time than a Rolex or IWC or Tag Heuer.
That's funny, and your right. I bought a Timex Expedition when I finally, after 10 years+ of hard living, broke the band on my other watch and couldn't get a replacement in time to have it on and be where I needed to be. I thought, ah, it's cheap, looks kinda , and it'll do until I get back. Been wearing it ever since Keeps great time and you can't kill it!

As for the coolers, I agree with most here, as far as status, but you have a point. A buddy of mine has one, and uses it as a seat on a regular basis. Then again, we used our Coleman as a seat at off road and beach outings for years without an issue. Worth the coin? IDK?
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