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Hello River Cruiser,

I do not know much about the 47 Houseboat but I do agree that the comparison yields little information that can help as the boats are so different. We usually cruise at least once a year with between 25 and 35 boats (gas and diesel) on the same route of between 100 and 200 miles and although that allows some comparison of speed and fuel use it seems to have minimal advantages unless one is interested in acquiring one of those boats.
Your Bayliner will see an increase of economy of over 1 mpg just by travelling at about 1 knots less then that 10 mph speed. You could even travel at the planning speed of 15 mph to 'make up' the time lost at the lower speed and still come out way ahead in total fuel burn for the trip. Please make sure you can reach 3,000 plus 3-5% fully loaded on a hot and humid day as a WOT test to ensure your engines are loaded OK at high cruising speeds.
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