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Gauge reading vs infrared thermometer

Originally Posted by twistedtree View Post
FF has a very good point. That engine is rated at 3200 RPM. At wide open throttle, what RPM does yours make? It should exceed 3200 RPM.

Interesting point. I think we ran it up to 3100 on the survey. Started getting hot so backed off. I have never run it up to or past 3200 rpm so I guess I need to try that? Are you thinking it's an overprop issue?

I thought from the survey it was determined it had the original equipment, proper size and pitch prop, so I never figured it was an overprop issue.

I did have some trans problems on the way home from FL. Found the oil very dark and had to flush it multiple times to get it "unstuck" out of forward. Before this oil flush it seemed like the engine was "dragging" a bit when putting into gear. Dropped RPM to about 800 for awhile after putting it into gear, and killed the engine at times when putting it into gear. The trans flush seemed to cure that problem. Could there be some internal resistance caused by my transmission?

So, if this engine is not running up to 3200 rpm I could have other issues causing it to get hot? If it's not overproped what else could cause that? What do I need to check?

I don't remember any black smoke at WOT but will check that.
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