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Originally Posted by Alaskan Sea-Duction View Post
As stated here this has gone way way way (dare I say it?) overboard.

The key to reading the CFR is the words "command of a documented vessel......."

The vessel is NOT yet documented.... Everyone take a deep breath think about a nice place that smells like salt and fish and enjoy. If you are boarded and have a copy of the USCG application and a "travel letter" from the sellers broker you are just fine!

Now, for those still with their panties in a wad, we are at the end of August, we loosing daylight more everyday, CHILL and enjoy the rest of the summer.
Don't think this is the answer. The OP bought a documented boat. I don't think it became "undocumented" by virtue of being sold. But the COD became obsolete because it has the wrong ownership information on it.

More interesting is the phrase "currently in effect." In the OP's case, no such COD exists.
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