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Deck Cranes and Dinghy Davits

In my avatar it shows us using a weaver tilt up. That was when we had the rib (my wife hated the rib and so did I). I now have a Olson Ross-Kelly stern davit thats powered by a 12v winch which works just fine. My 13 foot whaler and 35hp Johnson weighs 850#. I have seen this transom davit on a fantail. Ive met with the designer and have been in his shop and have seen some with adjustable arms which I think are specifically for fantail applications.

That said, and having used mine for several years now, Ill let you know that I prefer to stow the dink in the davit only while at a dock. Otherwise we tow it because of the issue raised above sea state.

First (if its a boat with a removable drain plug in the stern) remember that you will have to somehow get the drain plug in place NOT something Id want to do in anything other than calm waters.

Also, with the dink stowed you should cross lash it to help arrest momentum loads from rolling. So that means that if you need to deploy, you have two crossing straps plus the two wire stays to remove just to lower the dink. To remove the wire stays, you have to lift the davit to slack the stays so they can be unclipped. Then you need to lower the dink, get into it and unclip the harness. Doing all that in a protected area or anchorage is fine but I would not want to do it in 2 foot plus seas let alone if the engines died and I could not put the bow into the waves.

OH one other thing, with the dink up on a fantail keep in mind that the motor may catch passing waves. (Mine would if I didn't tow it as the whole rig is wider than my beem).

I do a lot of UW photography and crabbing so Im willing to go through all this. If it werent for that Id recommend staying with something much lighter. But whatever you use Id still recommend deploying and towing long before any waves build.

Regarding you boat and your concern about having to stiffen the texas deck. Nothing says that the cranes mast needs to be in the center of the deck. You could position it just outside of the wall over an area that already has support or where support could be easily added without being too ugly.

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