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Originally Posted by Off Duty View Post
So, when you had your conversation, did you happen to get the woman's name?
No, I actually wasn't asking about this issue at all but simply whether they could find my application and what their TCOD delivery time was currently so I can plan. She just happened to repeat the standard,"You can't move your boat.", line. We're currently hauled for some major work so I have some time on this.

Since I already have it in writing from the NVDC legal department and confirmed by the USCG guy who tried to find a way around if for me, I'm not going ask someone else until I know what they are going to say. Anita did not say anything different to Pesneld than I have heard before if, I am reading his post correctly. Sure, a state registered boat applying for documentation can continue to operate. We've always known that.

Call them back and ask to speak with Anita.
I'm going to try and get the BoatUS government affairs guy who is following this to do that. As you say, it sometimes depends who is asking.

See if she can or will (politely I might add), send you anything in writing to confirm the conversation.
That's how I got into this mess. I asked for it in writing :} I learned long ago not to rely on what I'm told on the phone in a CYA situation. (See Post 83 of this thread.)
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