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I'll bet THIS is the latest....

Spoke to Anita working at the NVDC at 1130 this morning. Not harried at all when I kindly explained the dilemma we are having here.

She said it is common to give the advice that you are supposed to wait for your COD to show up because it is mainly about vessels that NEED to be documented and dealing with the public that can be no brighter than a pet rock. Typical CYA because otherwise the Government gets sued by idiots.

She said that if you are STATE registered and pending documentation...there is no law that you are violating while operating your vessel and that a boarding officer (like I posted) will be more than satisfied with the minimal documentation of sale and state registration. Which confirms some of our suspicions and certainly the actions of field operatives.

Knowing the right questions to ask always helps.

Hope this puts the silly fearmongering of $10,000 fines to bed.

If not, please call for yourself, ask for Anita and tell her that you are following up on CDR Neeld's conversation of 1130, 24 Aug 2015 concerning transfer of ownersip.

I know this may not satisfy some as I am just a keyboard in the universe as has been pointed out in the past...although me and most of my resume is easily found in google......but it was my career, my blood for 23 years and I dislike crap thrown the way of the USCG when unnecessary.

Thank you to all others that have applied common sense to this make TF a much more valuable tool.
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