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The latest from the NVDC:

I just managed to get a very harried sounding woman on the phone at NVDC.

She said I should have received an immediate automated receipt to the email filing I made Friday. If I didn’t, which I did not, then “something isn’t working right in the system”. It sounds therefore, that my Friday re-submission was bounced into the phantom zone.

I mentioned my email to the webmaster asking for live receipt confirmation and she said they are presently reading the emails from 13 August. I infer therefore, that no one will even check to see if my submission went into the system until about 4 September.

I asked what the current backlog and timeline was for TCOD’S and she said they are currently making no promises or giving out any timelines on TCOD or COD deliveries. I said this is a problem because I can’t move the boat until I get a certificate. She said, “That’s right.”

I asked, “Are we talking weeks or months here?”

She said, “I can’t say.”
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