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RE: Deck Cranes and Dinghy Davits

A dinghy carried on a boat deck (or Texas deck if you will) can be very problematic to downright dangerous if you have to launch it in rough water, which is almost always the condition you'll be in during an emergency that requires the dinghy to be deployed. I've seen an RIB get away from people who were lowering it from a boat deck in a bay with very little water movement--- the dinghy still got away from them and took out a cabin side window and severely injured one of the people lowering the boat.

So we don't believe in carrying a dinghy on a boat deck or aft cabin top at all. We'd tow it before carrying it there.

The only dinghy mount I believe is practical from a safety and quick deployment aspect is on the transom, either in davits that hang it horizontally above the transom or on something like a SeaWise Davit that pivots the dinghy (and motor in the case of the SeaWise) into a vertical position on its side on the swimstep.

Open ocean cruising imposes some different considerations with regards to dinghy storage. But for cruising in coastal waters, a dinghy carried where it can be quickly and easily deployed with no risk to the boat or the crew even in rough water is the only way to go in my opinion. Should we ever get a larger, heavier dinghy than the one we currently carry on Weaver davits on the swimstep, we'll tow it.

There are a number of good davit systems for carrying a dinghy on or over the stern that might be worth checking out.
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