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RE: Deck Cranes and Dinghy Davits

In April I replaced out 30 year old wood mast boom with a new Aluminum mast boom,* The mast is 20 ft tall and the boom is 14 ft long.* I used 12 volt winches, 2000 lbs that I bought from Friday harbor tool for 50 bucks with wired remote up and down.*

When designing the mast and boom make sure it strong enough and the angle of the pull is less than 45 degrees.* I used 4 round thick wall for the mast and 3 round thick wall for the boom.* Rounds is stronger than square tubing.* The angle of the pull is very important the less the angle the less the strain.* Engineering designed, the plant made and installed it for me so it become another controllers R&D project.* *

If you have to take the engine off and on then a light weight engine.* Also if the transom is plastic aluminum the high HP engines tend to flex the transom especially with a heavy load and cause leaks.*Most leaks are back by the transom and a bitch to repair.

Anyway what ever you install make sure it fits and is strong enough for the application.*
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