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Originally Posted by kthoennes View Post
A number of us in that previous thread noted that federal documentation, at least for recreational boats, has really become just a way to give your boat a little more nautical chache', make it a little saltier, but it's really become practically meaningless, and maybe more of a hassle than it's worth.
I've given thought to this as well. The big plus to Documenting my sailboat when I got it was that it was "free" to renew. Now that it costs $26 a year, and has to be renewed every year, and that I never plan on international travel. . .if I buy another boat, I'm not sure I would document it.

In Virginia at least, you pay sales tax regardless. . .titling costs $7, and registration is $45 for a 40'+ boat and is good for 3 years. Documenting costs $85 or $120 up front, then $26 a year to renew. . .only plus to Documenting I can see is not having stickers on the bow Also that I can get a temp registration faxed to me in a couple of hours the day of submitting the paper work.

Am I missing something?
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