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Originally Posted by Off Duty View Post
Ever been involved in an incident related insurance dispute?
Yep...had to testify last fall a couple days before heading to Florida.

And lots of reading on whether insurance companies can deny claims and actually get away with it can almost fill Al Gore's internet.

Sure they can deny...then you sue for coverage...then they realize how weak this argument would be...the boat doesn't even HAVE to be documented....they would probably cover without going past the initial stab.

I think Twistedtree is a retired attorney...I'll bow part way to his thoughts.

This thread is like any other thread where something was heard or read that makes no sense, some info brought in from a couple people at the end of the phone who may or may not have the correct question/let alone answer....

Bottom line is a bunch of us have ignored it,the system seems to ignore it, no one here has ever heard of a real life issue over it, no one except one seems concerned over it....the real answer (the actual law reference or USCG printed interpretation of it) hasn't been found yet or any reference to it....etc...etc..

I think I'll let this one rest till USCG HQ, my attorney and insurance agent have answered my questions.
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