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Small Surges in RPM Every Few Minutes.

I don't know much about fuel systems. The one the previous owner installed on our boat is relatively simple although it has some ways to screw up (as I discovered by letting an engine die from getting a slug of air during a fuel transfer).

But I think I've learned a couple of things along the way.

1. Keep the fuel system as simple as possible with the fewest number of components that will do the job you need them to do. The more components, valves, etc. there are, the more chances for air and fuel leaks there will be.

2. Our system incorporates a fuel transfer pump. It can be used to move fuel from one tank to another through a Racor filter and it can also pump fuel off the boat should we pick up a load of bad fuel. Other than making sure it worked when we bought the boat we have never used it in the twelve years since. But recently I've been thinking it might be a good idea to make sure it still works and I've been assuming that the pump impeller would need to be replaced before running it. I had been assuming it was a flexible impeller pump and that the fuel sitting in it would have long ago rendered the impeller unusable. But in looking in the manual for the pump it turns out it's a vane pump. I'm assuming the vanes in a pump like this are immune to fuel over time. Anyway, I learned that impeller pumps are not created equal and there are different types for different uses. Seems obvious but you never know.....

3. Don't skimp on whatever components you get. The best quality hose, the best quality valves, the best quality connectors will make their additional cost worth it in the long run.

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