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Hello from southern California

Howdy all,

Figured it was about time to do the introduction. I've been a sailor my entire life, and until a few months ago had never actually contemplated owning an ocean going power boat. We currently own a 40' sailboat, which I've sailed over 2000 nm this year, 95% of them singlehanded. It's really my baby, and I've pretty much completely rebuilt and refit it from the keel up. The admiral and the boy enjoy it, we take summer trips out to the Channel Islands, but it's pretty much "my boat" most of the year. We're in southern California, so boating is a year round thing.

After returning from a long passage recently, I asked the boss what it would take for her to spend more time boating as a family. The answer was pretty simple, "get a faster, more comfortable boat." Something that would make weekend trips out to the islands practical. And doesn't feel like a cave inside. "Oh, and no long blue water passages."

So, I had the choice to either continue on my path of occasional family boating, or contemplate the unthinkable and join the dark side. Family comes first, so here I am.

We've been looking at lots of boats. We recently took a three week camping road trip around Vancouver Island and down through the San Juans, and just fell in love with the area. We're planning on boating there next summer, on our new-to-us trawler (yes, I've read the define-the-term threads) type boat, or our sailboat if we still have it.

We're looking for something in the 35-38 foot range that can fit in our current slip, and hopefully on a truck without too much modification. We'd like to have two separate cabins, one for us and one for the lad, preferably on opposite ends of the boat (like we have now.) I'd like to keep it under $100k, but would consider taking on some debt (or a longer waterline) if the perfect boat came along.

Our planned usage is where we get a little sticky. Our primary use will be out to the islands, down to Catalina, and bopping around between Morro Bay and San Diego. I'd also like to spend a summer or two up in the PNW. And just to make it really interesting, we're planning on taking a sabatical three years from now, and would like to do a modified loop (Great Lakes, Canada, east coast, Florida, Bahamas, etc.) Though to be honest, our current plan involves buying a looper boat for that trip and ditching it at the end and keeping the sailboat, but if we get something more loop (and truck) friendly that would work even better.

The issue we're having (and by we I mean me) is making the thinking adjustment from blue water sailing to coastal power boating. I'm reading everything I can get my hands on, but I keep tripping over myself and my previous misconceptions of motor yachts. For instance, I look at the giant windows and see nothing but a large boarding wave taking them out. Silly I know, but having taken a few of those, I cringe at the thought of getting caught out in any of the boats we can afford. It's just going to take time.

I'm comfortable with boat work. I do almost all my own work, have completely refit two boats, and am one of those crazy people that enjoy fiddling with my boat almost as much as using it. I get off work at 8:am, so I usually spend a couple hours each off day working on the boat as a kind of less expensive therapy before I head home. I don't mind another fixer, but the wife is kind of tired of sailing around in a floating tool shed.

At any rate, this is probably waaaaaaayyyy too long already. Thanks to everyone for being here. I've learned a great deal, and look forward to learning even more.
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