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RE: Diesel Fuel

with the cost of diesel... Just burn it I don't think it will hurt your engine if it does it is not going to ruin it. Diesels are pretty forgiving.

If you want to.**Polish it and get the water out.

I keep my tanks full. *I top off*every time I use the boat who knows how much of the original fuel is left in the tank after about 10 years.*

If you want to be real finicky about it. Sell it to someone and put new fuel in.

The motor is gonna last longer than you are going to own the boat Right?

Unless you are going to be crossing oceans I wouldn't worry about it.
Run it down to near empty and refill.

That's my thoughts on the subject.,

Don't go by me I put Marvels Mystery oil in my tank. Just because someone gave me 5 gallons of the stuff.

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