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RE: Diesel Fuel

markpierce wrote:

Marin wrote:

Both points of view have been discussed at length on the forum and these discussions should be findable in the archives using the Search function.
The search function on this website is pathetic.* Let's hear more responses, please.

Actually, I've found the archives to be quite user-friendly.* The trick is in using the right keyword(s).

The problem is that forums like this tend to deal with the same issues over and over and over again, and the responses tend to be from the same people.* So when responding to a question about fuel or anchors or buying a boat, a person's first response tends to be much better than their fifteenth response to the same question.

So it's been my experience on this and similar forums like the GB owners forum that searching the archives for eariler answers very often gets you better and more detailed information than you would get by posing the same question yet again.

The T&T list has a truly horrible search function for its archives which is really too bad because there are some people on that "forum" who really know their stuff and it would be great to be able to easily find earlier posts from them.* For example, this exact same question about diesel fuel has come up many times on T&T over the years, and there have been answers from people in the oil industry who also happen to be boaters about exactly what diesel fuel does over time, how it breaks down, how fast it breaks down,* what can be done to slow the breakdown process, the formation of bacteria, the value and non-value of multi-vis oils and synthetic oils--- all terrific information.* But try to find it today.* And in the case of the diesel fuel info, these same people have not repeated their posts.* So this great information is there but almost impossible to find.

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