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RE: Diesel Fuel

When I bought Volunteer the P.O. had filled up the boat and I got a full load of fuel ( 1200 gallons) ... as they sold the boat because they were getting up in years they had only used and replaced a small amount of fuel in the last 3 years of ownership ( 150 gallons ). The bulk of the fuel had been purchased four years prior.... now you can call me cheap... thrifty.... lazy... whatever.! But I did add biobor regularly until I burned through all the old fuel. I had a 100 gallon day tank that had a bottom drain and I do not believe I ever got a total of 6oz. of water / crud out of the 1100 gallons. I did notice that when I finally was using "fresh" fuel that I had a touch less soot on the transom. I also used 2 racor 1000 elements and 1 engine primary filter during that time... and not because I clogged them... just thought it should be done. The first filter looked nasty when changed... but the second one was pretty clean. So how long does the stuff last ???
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