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MATT, Hate to break it to you but AXE is more than pretty. ELEGANT would describe what you are creating. Looking back and the first 100 posts to this ROPE (Thread would not hold all this) I was thinking " This dude is nuts to attempt a home build of an old rotten boat" NOW what i see is a visionary design, custom built, hand laid masterpiece. So party, dive, fish BBQ all you want. But understand AXE will be considered to be "only" Pretty those with cataracts. ELEGANT to those of us who still can see well! Your Helm should have design copyright. I can feel the so-called designers scaling it to their drawings now. Copying is some form of flattery I suppose. SEW ON! no ROCK ON. As you near completion of this epic story I want to say i enjoy the new posts often. Have nothing to contribute but for appreciation and praise for your work. On the boat and on this forum. Thanks to all of you who have great ideas you are sharing with Matt. He has managed to reap great benefit from the knowledge you have selflessly shared.
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