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I have been an avid follower of boatdiesel for the last ten years which covers the era of electronic engines. I am guessing that less than 5% of problems posted on boatdiesel relate to problems with the electronics. The number seems to be increasing but that probably merely represents the increase in electronic engines in the fleet over time.

Rarely does a problem posted result in the OP reporting the ultimate fix. Of those fixes that I can remember, some are simple corroded connections and a squirt of WD40 or similar in the connector solved it.

Do electronics save engines from potential catastrophic failure? My guess is that on balance, no. There are several reports of bad fuel damaging an injector causing huge amounts of fuel injected by the CR system and destroying a cylinder, but the electronics didn't catch it. Electronics can identify over propping but not fix it. Electronics will not do anything for a corroded air cooler. Etc., etc.

So what good are electronic, CR engines. Emissions primarily and secondarily low smoke and less engine noise. We wouldn't see almost half of European cars running diesels without CR injection. Compare a 90s Dodge diesel pickup with today's Dodge or a new Mercedes Blutec with yesterday's diesel.

But I am guessing that the great majority, probably 99% of electronic engine boat owners will never have a problem with their engine related to electronics. Even so I am glad I have a totally mechanical engine on my boat.

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