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I've bought boats and sold boats with no broker on either side.

It's not rocket science. I'm simply open ad up-front with my side of the bargain; being a good natured, honest, and on-time business person in all my dealings.

That said; I have run into plenty of flakes on both sides of the deal, i.e. buyers and/or sellers. Luckily I am able to suss out the flakes pretty quickly on phone. That capability saves lots of time and effort. One of the first things I do with buyer is let them know we can go for a relitively short ride on boat, but, they will need to donate $50 which is deductible off price of boat if they purchase. That immediately gets phone chat into a more pointed discussion or it ends the call quickly. For sellers I tell them I’ll pay $50 for fuel if I would like to go for short ride in their boat.

There is/are many other up-front maneuvers I use for both sided of the coin. After our phone conversation most buyers and most sellers become ready to show up on time. However… there are some real A-Hole flakes; that’s just part of the game!

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