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Hey Richard,

Over the 200+ miles the sea states were varied, the boat performs extremely well, a solid design. In Northern California an average swell height of 6', (which means 6-8) is pretty much a starting point. After you round Pt Conception, Southern California waters are routinely 2-3 feet. The size of the swell is a small piece of the puzzle. We consider significant swell height (always adding +2), swell period, which ideally is twice the height (IE 6' Sea at a period of 12 seconds) Frequently on the trip it was 40 - 50%. with seas 6-9'. We also study Wind Speed and it's direction as compared to the swell direction. As this can create an uncomfortable washing machine action. You can have a 6' Sea with a 10 second period and a very uncomfortable ride with 20 knot breeze 40+ degrees off the swell. We also study the offshore conditions as the fetch in the Pacific extends to Asia and we want to know what's "out there" and it's speed.

The Topography along the California Coast is also a major factor, we back time everything for conditions around Pt Conception but the waters off Pt Sur and the Monterrey Bay can get tricky.

The Night Vision Flir Camera which interfaces with the Ray Marine system is the middle of the road one which doesn't rotate but does zoom with a higher resolutuon than the cheaper ones. Raymarine E70120 T253 Thermal Fixed Mount Camera ( 640 X 480,
30 Hz)

We did program way points into the Auto Pilot but routinely made changes and always set for an alarm when you reach them but not an automatic change as we want to get a look see on what's going on.

The Crate and Barrel flameless candles are awesome with a low golden light. I find the Red LED's for to bright although as I mentioned we uses the Petzel headband light with a red light which doesn't get in your eyes but allows you to see.

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