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Originally Posted by Aquabelle View Post
Bruce: Tecma is also readily available in Aust; I'd recommend at least getting a price, they are truly great. (Headhunter available too and get v good reviews; I think they are similar)
Headhunter is really a megayacht system...VERY power AND water hungry. Here in the US, service and tech support are only available from Headhunter in FL...suspect that it may be equally hard to find in AUS. Tecma, otoh, would be an excellent choice,although sea water models also tend to be a power and water hungry.

If you were in the US, I'd strongly recommend the Raritan Marine Elegance or their SeaEra QC over any toilet mentioned here...but the last time I checked prices for Raritan products in AUS, they were really high. Worth checking though.
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