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Originally Posted by Art View Post
Sideways was what happened in 2008ish... upside down is clearly on the horizon.
Unless an unbelievable deal for BIG live-a-board comes your way, I recommend stashing cash, silver, and gold, i.e. waiting. Cause... there will be fire sales like never before in the boating industry if/when Europe goes belly up and China soon follows due to income lack. In that case U.S. will experience really deep financial troubles. Living on a boat could become the best alternative for us marine luv-ers... and fun too!!
I agree, when an average price of an old rundown house costs above $1.2M here in Vancouver, something has to give. There will be a lot of crying out there.
Average price of home in Canada to increase 6.1 per cent in 2015: Royal LePage | CTV News
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