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Originally Posted by West View Post
Agree, nice boat ... ugly price. I'm done buying anything "new" anyway, best to have others eat the depreciation.
Besides it's a bit small, I'm of the mind that my next boat needs to be live-aboard size just in case things go sideways.

My first choice ...
Sideways was what happened in 2008ish... upside down is clearly on the horizon.

Unless an unbelievable deal for BIG live-a-board comes your way, I recommend stashing cash, silver, and gold, i.e. waiting. Cause... there will be fire sales like never before in the boating industry if/when Europe goes belly up and China soon follows due to income lack. In that case U.S. will experience really deep financial troubles. Living on a boat could become the best alternative for us marine luv-ers... and fun too!!

Being that our little 34' Tolly tri cabin is completely equipped for two to comfortably live aboard if needed (and easy as heck to maintain)... I calc we could get away for just a few to several thou$and a year anchored out / easy cruising. Tolly 44' and 48' are boats I have my eyes on too.
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