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Ok, just for the hell of it I'm gonna be controversial, by saying cruising speed is somewhat just below hull speed in a displacement vessel, and at the lowest revs that keeps a planing boat comfortably on the plane. There is no such thing as a semi-planing vessel..!

Not really…is there..? Sure the hull shape might sort of look like a planer, but there is no way that boat is going to truly plane. They just have enough power to almost plane, meanwhile pushing a larger and larger wave, or rather wall, ahead to it and dragging similar behind it, and consuming head swimming amounts of fuel. It also means they ride along with a weird bow up look and trim, because their boat is always trying, (but failing) to climb that ruddy great bow wave. Sure it probably feels great - nice and smooth - no hint to occupants of the devastation their wake can leave behind them. I'll add in there, if they are not careful, because some actually are. But many are not. my crew and I grab for anything potentially launchable/breakable from the huge rolling experience thereby imposed upon us slower (displacement) dudes, I swear just a little, but comfort myself by thinking - ok enjoy your ride my boating friend, (note I call him friend, 'cause I'm nice really), but you (my friend) are using as much fuel today as will keep me going for a year…so there..!
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