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Originally Posted by KalaKai View Post
I going to go with most fuel efficient/minimum planing speed when applying the term to modified trawler hulls...that work?
If it works for you, yes.

For me, cruising speed is that speed at which I'm comfortable going long distances. Mine is a semi-displacement hull so my cruising speed is as much above hull speed as I dare to go before my wallet starts complaining, or about 7 to 7.5 knots. It'll ride nice at 10 knots, but I'm throwing a huge wake and throwing away a lot of money in fuel. I could go 5-6 knots and save a little more fuel, but I tend to get impatient.

On my last boat, a light 29' planing hull, I had two cruising speeds; one just a few knots above a stable plane and another just above hull speed, when conditions required it. Both got a reliable 1.4NMPG.
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