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Originally Posted by skipperdude View Post
I wonder should I Poke a hole in that hose. (It's just full of water.) Before I wrap the rescue tape around it?


That looks way worse that I imagined it ever could. OK, if your draft is say 5', then there is only about 17psi of water pressure on the inside of the hose. While it is tempting to puncture it to 'relieve the pressure', I don't think I would disturb it any further. Other TF are welcome to chime in here . . .

First, make sure you have a decent drip from the stuffing box at the shaft so that it does not overheat, seize and tear loose from the stern tube.

Next, make sure your bilge pump strainers and surrounding bilge is clean and cannot clog in the event you end up relying on the pumps to stay afloat.

Next, the tape. Rescue Tape has a tensile strength of over 950psi, so if you are able to wrap the entire hose and as much of the stern tube and stuffing box as you can, it will likely prevent any catastrophic leakage until you can get it replaced. I would clean it as best you can and make multiple layers of wrapping, kind of like an Ace bandage. Use plenty of it.

Finally, find the closest yard and get it fixed ASAP!
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