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Originally Posted by Donsan View Post
If they are so simple and use off the shelf components, why are they so darn expensive?
Well, the individual components do add up.

Membranes and housings
High pressure pump and motor
boost pump
and a bunch of smaller stuff

I started this process thinking I was going to just figure it out and build one myself.

Then I started adding up all the components and the total cost was not much cheaper than the complete kit with tech support.

If you couple that with the fact that if I figure it out myself I'm bound to make some misatakes and have to re-buy components the price becomes even more competitive.

When you add to this the fact that the owner of the company e-mail'd me back at 8:30 PM answering my questions, and when he gave me honest answers to them, knowing he was giving out info that I might use to go around him...
That made me realize that buying the kit was a GREAT value.
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