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Here's an affordable, reliable 12V 90A charger that will improve your charging at minimal cost.

IOTA DLS-90 AC/DC Power Converter and Battery Charger

If you need a 24V charger, Iota makes them up to 40A. The IQ4 feature provides the smart charging capability.

I run a DLS-55/IQ4 55A charger on my Honda 2000. That's the max the Honda 2000 (1600W continuous) can handle at max charger load of 13A. A DLS-90 can be powered by a Honda 3000 (2500W continuous) but I'd also vote for sticking with your current, under-utilized diesel gensets. Hondas are much noisier than built-in marine gensets and while you might carry gasoline now for a dinghy OB, it takes a lot more gasoline for the Honda gens if you'll be out for a week or more.
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